Anchor Man, real name Ben DeFax, was one of the villains in the Madballs comic book.


He first appeared in the fourth issue. Ben DeFax was a news reporter for WBLA News. For reasons unknown, he grew mad with power and donned the guise of Anchor Man in a plot to rule the world. He uses a device called the Micro-Phoney to control everyone's minds and use them to steal valuable items. Anchor Man was eventually defeated when the Madballs broke his Micro-Phoney, freeing everyone from his hypnotic thrall. He made another appearance in issue seven reporting the Madballs' destruction of the Bijou Theater(which was revealed to be a good deed to humanity. The construction crew were going to tear it down anyway, and the Madballs destroyed it for them to save money and resources). He appears yet again in the eighth issue, where he is interrogated by the Madballs into revealing that Gail Warning had been controlling the weather. In the ninth issue, Ben DeFax returns one more time and resumes the identity of Anchor Man. After joining INC(International Network of Creeps), Anchor Man takes over Los Angeles and uses his Micro-Phoney to control the minds of television news reporters. He attempts to use his Micro-Phoney on the Madballs, but it is eaten by Aargh before he even has a chance to use it. He is then forced to soak in the R.U.I.N. pond as punishment for his crimes along with the rest of the villains.


Ben DeFax mentions he has reformed in issue eight, but it is never explained why he resumed the role of Anchor Man in issue nine. One possibility is that between the events of the issues, DeFax went back to his old ways. It is also possible that another anchorman went corrupt and assumed the identity of Anchor Man. Yet another possibility could be that Miss Tic the Mystic used her magic to manipulate Ben DeFax into resuming his Anchor Man persona.