Character bruisebrother
Appeared in Amtoy Series 2,
Just Play Series 2

Bruise Brother is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He is an ugly biker with an eyepatch (instead a missing eye in the Just Play era, in addition goggles with shattered lenses), a messy beard, many facial scars, and a beaten up blue helmet. He will reappear in Just Play Series 2, and will be portrayed as an untrustworthy master of bad ideas with breath fouler than his mouth. According to the official Madballs website, he has a brotherly relationship with Horn Head, as they both love to wreak massive destruction.

Bruise Brother in the ComicsEdit

Bruise Brother and the other second series Madballs first
Bruise Brother

Bruise Brother's original artwork

appeared in the fourth issue. Dr. Frankenbeans created them to defeat the original Madballs, but they turned against him and joined the Madballs. Bruise Brother was very tough and got along well with Horn Head.

Bruise Brother in the VHS CartoonsEdit

Bruise Brother appears in the episode Escape from Orb, voiced by Dan Hennessey. He is one of the Badballs, and Commander Wolfbreath's right-hand man. He has a tendency of calling Freakella a "mophead". This was unfortunate for him, as he was beaten up and folded into an airplane after Freakella meets up with him later as payback. He and the other Badballs followed the Madballs to Earth, only to be shot back into outer space when Freakella screamed with enough force to get them trapped in their spaceship and Slobulus rewired the ship's controls.

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