Captain Weirdbeard was a pirate from the year 1641 who appeared in the Madballs comic book. He has a parrot named McCaw.


He first appeared in the second issue. While fishing, the Madballs and their friends accidentally go back in time and encounter him. After Weirdbeard fires cannonballs at the gang, he is attacked by Skull Face. Unfortunately, Skull Face is captured by McCaw and the pirate gets the children and the other Madballs to surrender by threatening to harm Skull Face. After enslaving the children, Captain Weirdbeard explains he is after pirate booty buried in the India Incas by Peg Leg Peg. After ditching the Madballs, he finds it and forces the kids to start digging. Underwater, the Madballs encounter an electric octopus named Shocktopus. Shocktopus uses his electric powers to restore the weakened Madballs' strength and helps them go to the shore of the India Incas. There, Captain Weirdbeard finally finds Peg Leg Peg's booty, but it turns out to be her boot. The note in the chest explains she only needed one boot due to her peg leg. After being angered that he has once again been tricked by Peg Leg Peg, Captain Weirdbeard is defeated by the Madballs and Shocktopus. Afterwards, he and McCaw are forced to do chores for Peg Leg Peg and the Madballs and the children return to their proper time with help from Shocktopus. Weirbeard returns in the ninth issue as one of the villains recruited by Miss Tic the Mystic to form INC(International Network of Creeps). He takes over the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and holds the children hostage. Luckily, Fist Face tricks him into getting handcuffed. At the end of the story, he is forced to soak in the R.U.I.N. pond as punishment for his crimes along with the other villains.


In his second appearance, it is never explained what happened to Peg Leg Peg or McCaw before Captain Weirdbeard joined INC.