Colonel Corn was a major enemy of the Madballs in the Madballs comic book.


Colonel Corn first appeared in the first issue in the second story "Corn-Ered!" He kidnaps the eight children that are the Madballs' friends. When the Madballs come to rescue them, Colonel Corn explains he used to be an ordinary kernel of corn until he was mutated into a corn colonel by the toxic chemical pond near the R.U.I.N. lab. He has since "corn-sidered" ruling the world, and "corn-fidentially", only the Madballs stand in his way. Colonel Corn is at first too powerful because all the corny puns he spews out greatly weakens the Madballs. Dust Brain tries to stop him by using his bandages to wrap up Colonel Corn's mouth, but this only makes the villain summon a giant Cornball to help him. All hope seems lost until Lynn pretends to insult the Madballs. Screamin' Meemie is so angry about the insults, that he burns with heat, destroying Colonel Corn's minions and weakening Colonel Corn himself. Before turning him over to the police, the Madballs and their friends watch television while eating the popcorn made from his minions. Colonel Corn returns in the ninth issue among the villains summoned by Miss Tic the Mystic. As a member of INC(International Network of Creeps), he conquers the state of Iowa, engulfing it with a mass acre of corn. He is once again defeated when Screamin' Meemie uses his screams to block out his bad jokes and the Madballs carry him over to the WBLA antenna to pop off his corn kernels again. At the end of the story, all of the villains are punished by being dumped into the toxic chemical pond.


Colonel Corn's main power was that he told terrible jokes to the Madballs. The corny puns were so awful, they weakened the Madballs. Colonel Corn's main weakness is heat. It makes the corn kernels on his face pop off, leaving him vulnerable. He can also be easily overpowered if he is somehow prevented from saying corny puns.


  • In both of his appearances, Screamin' Meemie was the Madball that defeated him.
  • He mentions in his first appearance that he had a father named Pop Corn who told him not to fritter his life away. In his second appearance, he mentions his grandfather used to own a milk farm in Iowa.