Character fistface
Appeared in Amtoy Series 2
Just Play Series 2

Fist Face is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He was originally depicted as a purple severed hand clutching an eyeball, but as of the Just Play era, the eyeball is instead emerging from the end of the severed wrist. As of the Just Play era, he tends to confuse people with his staring, and communicates via blinking his eye, but the only understandable translations are his desire for either a slice of pizza or a soda.

Fist Face in the ComicsEdit

Fist Face

Fist Face's original design

Fist Face was one of the Madballs Dr. Frankenbeans created to defeat the original Madballs. Unfortunately for Frankenbeans, the new Madballs turned against him and sided with the original Madballs. Fist Face got along with Oculus Orbus.

Fist Face AnimatedEdit

Fist Face appeared in Escape from Orb as one of Commander Wolfbreath's Badballs. He can be seen watching the enslaved inhabitants of Orb constructing Wolfbreath's monument and appears again near the end of the episode before being shot back into space along with the other Badballs.

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