Freakyfullback single char
Appeared in Amtoy Series 2,
Art Asylum Series 2,
Sick Series 2,
Just Play Series 3

Freaky Fullback is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He is a blue monstrous football player with a dented orange helmet and an oozing eye. He is confirmed to reappear in Just Play Series 3, and will be portrayed as an athlete who strives to always win at everything, and also burps a lot.

Freaky Fullback in the ComicsEdit

Freaky Fullback was one of the second set of Madballs Dr. Frankenbeans created to combat the original Madballs. Like the rest of the new Madballs, Freaky Fullback betrayed Frankenbeans and sided with the original Madballs. When the Super Madballs were introduced, Freaky Fullback mainly got along with Touchdown Terror.

Freaky Fullback AnimatedEdit

In the VHS cartoons, Freaky Fullback was a member of the Badballs, led by the tyrannical Commander Wolfbreath. Like the other Badballs, he ended up shot back into space. He was voiced by Dan Hennessey.


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