Gail Warning was a villain from the Madballs comic book. She only appears in the eighth issue.


She was a weather girl at WBLA News, the same news channel where Ben DeFax worked. She had a weather wand she used to cruelly alter the weather after reporting it so as to mess with everyone. The Madballs knew something had to be done after her latest misleading report ruined a ball game they were playing with their friends. The first time they confront her, she uses her weather wand to send them to the North Pole. After being frozen, the Madballs are found by a penguin and a seal named Arty. The two then thaw out the Madballs. After returning to the news studio, the Madballs reveal that they have called the police. Gail Warning then tells them they need to have her weather wand to prove she committed the crime. Knowing even the Madballs would have the decency not to dare go through women's clothing, she tells them she hid the wand in her sock drawer. Fortunately, Snake Bait uses his garter snakes to retrieve the weather wand. Gail Warning is so frightened by the snakes, she surrenders. Just to be sure she is truly giving up and not trying to deceive the Madballs, the Madballs then eat her weather wand. The Madballs see a "cloud" and think that Gail Warning has already escaped, but it turns out their friends were just playing with Dust Brain.

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