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Appeared in Amtoy Series 2,
Just Play Series 2

Lock Lips is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He is a green monster who has his lips locked shut (originally with a padlock, but now with a keyhole-bearing behemoth of a metal jaw), also having a metal plate riveted over one eye, and his nose severed. He will reappear in Just Play Series 2, and will be portrayed as looking very suave, but has an incredibly dull brain.

Lock Lips in the Comics

Lock Lips' original artwork

Lock Lips was one of the Madballs created by Dr. Frankenbeans to defeat the original Madballs. However, the new Madballs betrayed Frankenbeans and sided with the original Madballs. Because of his lips being locked shut, his speaking is muffled and hard to understand. His favorite movie is "A-Lock-A-Lips Now" and he is said to be able to do a dead-on impression of actor Marlon Brando.

Lock Lips in the VHS Cartoons

In Escape from Orb, Lock Lips appears as one of Commander Wolfbreath's minions. He is first seen spying on Freakella after she beats up Bruise Brother for calling her a "mophead". He is seen once more when the Badballs are shot back into space.