Maiden Hong Kong was an enemy of the Madballs in the comic book.


She first appeared in the sixth issue, where she tried to force Mr. Kao into putting nasty fortunes in his fortune cookies. She is assisted by a sumo wrestler named Topknot and a ninja named Ninjun Joe. After a long battle, Ninjun Joe was defeated by Splitting Headache and Topknot was slipped up by Slobulus and sent back to China, where he was arrested. Maiden Hong Kong was then defeated and turned over to the police. Maiden Hong Kong returned in the ninth issue, where she is one of the villains recruited by Miss Tic the Mystic to form INC(International Network of Creeps). She conquers China and threatens to blow up the Great Mall of China with the "Eve Bomb", the only bomb more powerful than the "Adam Bomb". Like all of the villains featured in the story, she is defeated and punished by being soaked in the R.U.I.N. pond.