Miss Tic the Mystic was one of the villains in the Madballs comic book.


She was an old friend of Dr. Frankenbeans and is hired by him to help him gain control over the Madballs in the second issue. Snivelitch fell in love with her. She used her powers to hypnotize all of the Madballs except for Oculus Orbus. The Madball then used his powers to free the Madballs from Miss Tic's hypnotic thrall and hypnotize the three crooks into entering the toxic R.U.I.N. pond and acting like ducks. She is mentioned in the fourth issue by Snivelitch when he reminds Dr. Frankenbeans of the times they failed to defeat the Madballs. She does not return until issue nine, where she is released from jail by Dr. Frankenbeans and Snivelitch. She then uses her powers to recruit Colonel Corn, Captain Weirdbeard, Maiden Hong Kong, Anchor Man, and the Badballs to form INC(International Network of Creeps). Along with the other villains, she is defeated again and forced to bathe in the R.U.I.N. chemical pond as punishment for her crimes.


Miss Tic the Mystic has magic powers and usually uses them by casting rhyming spells. In her first appearance, she hypnotized the Madballs into obeying Dr. Frankenbeans. In her second appearance, her powers were expanded upon and it was shown that she was also capable of teleporting people from other places to her location, reviving the dead(used to bring back the Badballs), turning people invisible, bringing back people from the past(used to recruit Weirdbeard), and knocking people off their feet. While never explained, she also may have other magic powers.