Rojad was an alien. He appeared in the Madballs comic book.


His ship crashes on Earth and he is attacked by the Madballs. Misunderstanding them, Rojad shrinks them with his shrink ray. After the Madballs' friends explain to the Madballs and Rojad that neither of them are enemies, Rojad returns the Madballs to their normal size and explains that his ship was struck by a meteor. He managed to plug the hole, but not in time to prevent his ship from leaking fuel. Rojad then discovers in awe that the slime Slobulus drools is identical to the fuel he uses for his ship. He attempts to take Slobulus to his home planet and keep him there for 700 years, but is then forced by the Madballs into letting him go and only letting him refuel his ship. Rojad then leaves, promising to pay the Madballs a visit in the year 3643 A.D. on a Tuesday. However, he left his shrink ray behind. Dr. Frankenbeans finds it and attempts to use it to shrink the Madballs to microscopic size. Unfortunately for him, the Madballs learn about his plan before he can even begin. Frankenbeans then gets so frustrated over the numerous times he failed to defeat the Madballs that he falls into a coma and becomes incredibly ill. Snivelitch then uses Rojad's shrink ray to shrink the Madballs so they can go inside Frankenbeans, find the source of his illness, and eliminate it.