Skip is a character in the Madballs VHS cartoons who first appeared in the premiere episode Escape from Orb. He is a human being on Earth who hosts a show where rock bands play. He was in a real pickle when he promised his audience that The Cartoons would come to his show and found out that the band got lost and ended up in Alaska. He attempted to stall the audience by telling jokes, but that didn't work. Skip was saved when the Madballs arrived and played Great Balls of Fire. This unfortunately got the attention of the Badballs and forced the Madballs to play the song and fend off their enemies at the same time. Eventually, the Badballs were shot back into space in Aargh and Slobulus' ship, and Skip became the Madballs' new manager. Neither Skip nor his sister Sandy appeared in Gross Jokes.

Appearance Edit

Skip is tall, skinny, has blond hair, and wears blue clothes and glasses.

Personality Edit

Skip is well-meaning and is often concerned about the fate of his show and, more notably, himself.

Relationships Edit

Skip seems to get along pretty well with his sister.

Skip seems to pretty much like the Madballs and appears to like their music.