Character snakebait
Appeared in Amtoy Series 2
Just Play Series 2

Snake Bait is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He was originally depicted as a snake-covered gorgon with sharp teeth and a forked tongue (though in actual mythology, gorgons are only female), but his design was heavily changed in the Just Play era, and lives up to his name - he is now a monster being engulfed in the mouth of a snake, and is portrayed as a hard-of-hearing, cold-blooded nervous wreck, who tends to spit when he speaks. In the cancelled Art Asylum Series 3 Snake Bait would have been a female.

Snake Bait in the ComicsEdit

Snake Bait

Snake Bait's original concept as a gorgon.

Snake Bait first appeared in the fourth issue, where he and the other new Madballs were created by Dr. Frankenbeans in an attempt to defeat the original Madballs. Luckily, the new Madballs turned against him and joined the original Madballs. Snake Bait was notable for making hissing sounds when pronouncing the letter "s" and had different snakes on his body for various purposes.

Snake Bait in the VHS CartoonsEdit

Snake Bait appeared in Escape from Orb as one of Commander Wolfbreath's Badballs. He can be seen when they try to prevent the Madballs from escaping Orb and is seen again in the group shot of the Badballs near the end of the episode. He ended up being shot back into space along with Wolfbreath and the rest of his minions.

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