Appeared in Amtoy Series 2

Splitting Headache is a Madball from the second series. He is a teal-colored monster with half his facial skin peeled off, exposing half his skull. He would have appeared in the cancelled Art Asylum Series 4. He is so far the only original Madball who hasn't been rereleased in the Just Play era, let alone, at all.

Splitting Headache in the Comics

Splitting Headache was one of the Madballs created by Dr. Frankenbeans to defeat the original Madballs, but they turned against their creator and joined the Madballs. Splitting Headache is often in pain.

Splitting Headache in the VHS Cartoons

Splitting Headache made an appearance in Escape from Orb as one of Commander Wolfbreath's Badballs. He is seen when the Badballs infiltrate the Madballs' concert at the Hole-In-The-Ground Club and appears again near the end of the episode before Wolfbreath and his goons are shot back into space.

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