The Vegeterribles appeared in the Madballs comic book series. Their first and only appearance was in issue five.


While being pestered by the Madbals, Snivelitch explains that his master Dr. Frankenbeans became completely bonkers after the last time he was defeated. Snivelitch knew Frankenbeans' obsession with the Madballs had to end, so he took him to a hypnotherapist who hypnotized the doctor into forgetting about the Madballs and taking up gardening. Unfortunately, when Snivelitch is supposed to connect one hose to the spigot so Frankenbeans can water his plants and another hose to drain the toxic chemical pond, he fumbles and accidentally puts the gardening hose into the chemical pond. The water from the chemical pond mutates the doctor's vegetables, creating the Vegeterribles and making the doctor remember his feud with the Madballs. Fortunately, all of the Vegeterribles were defeated when Swine Sucker ate them.


There were a total of six Vegeterribles.

  • Rotten Tomato- A rotten tomato able to squirt its victims with tomato juice.
  • Crushroom- A mushroom that lived up to its name.
  • Paul Onion- A very smelly onion.
  • Spud Nick- A potato with multiple eyes.
  • Pea Shooter- A pea pod able to shoot projectiles.
  • Iceberg Lettuce- A head of lettuce with ice powers.