Wolf Breath
Wolfbreath single char
Appeared in Amtoy Series 2,
Art Asylum Series 2

Wolf Breath is a Madball introduced in Amtoy Series 2. He is a werewolf with ugly rotting fangs that are dripping with blood. In the Art Asylum relaunch, he has more facial hair, chews a bone, and the blood on his teeth is replaced with drool. He is confirmed to be released in Just Play Series 3, and will be portrayed as an ex-jock who was once very popular, but lost his popularity when he grew fur and developed "laser-breath", and nowadays either howls at the moon or talks about his glory days.

In the VHS cartoons, he is known as Commander Wolfbreath.

Wolf Breath in the ComicsEdit

Wolf Breath was one of the new Madballs, created by Dr. Frankenbeans to defeat the original Madballs. Unfortunately for the doctor, the new Madballs betrayed him and sided with the original Madballs. As his name implies, Wolf Breath also has bad breath, which is useful in knocking out enemies or making them retreat.

Wolf Breath AnimatedEdit

In Escape from Orb, Commander Wolfbreath was the main antagonist, voiced by the late Don Francks. He was depicted as a tyrant who led a team of Badballs(which consisted of Bruise Brother, Swine Sucker, Snake Bait, Fist Face, Freaky Fullback, Lock Lips, and Splitting Headache). Bruise Brother was Wolfbreath's right-hand man. In the episode Escape from Orb, Wolfbreath was shown to have conquered the planet Orb and that he has outlawed music and enslaved the inhabitants, forcing them to construct a monument of him. When the Madballs, the only rock band not eliminated by Wolfbreath, escape to Earth, Wolfbreath followed them in his own ship. After the Madballs narrowly avoided their enemies and made it to Earth, the Badballs made it to Earth as well and attempted to get the Madballs back to Orb. Luckily, the Badballs were defeated when Freakella trapped them in their spaceship with a powerful scream and Slobulus rewired the ship's controls so it would be launched back into space.